Intimacy: A Return to Innocence, Lomi Lomi Nui

Date: May 22-25, 2017, Monday-Thursday
This class is the sequel to Intimacy: The Power of Connection. We will explore traditional healing practices, using Lomi Lomi and Breathwork as experientials. Both a profound personal experience and an opportunity to hold a bigger, safer, more powerful space for your clients to find healing, regardless of the modality you practice.

10:00am - 5:00pm, Lunch 1:00pm to 2:00pm (Approximate)

Cost: $350


Class Size is Limited
Location: Just off US 1 at SW 160th, Miami, FL 33157
Address and Turn by Turn directions provided to all registrants
24 CE hours- Florida Board of Massage Therapy Provider Number 50-15947

Cost $350 for the 4 day workshop.

Intimacy: A Return to Innocence, Lomi Lomi Nui, is a highly experiential 4 day exploration of first people's spiritual healing practices, what we now refer to as shamanism. Here we will use LomiLomi Nui to induce altered states of consciousness, deconstructing the experience from the inside out, and looking at how this connection, facilitated by the healer or shaman supports spiritual, psychological, physical and emotional well being.

The class is largely hands-on with exercises in vulnerability, and connection, demonstration/practice by way of 6-8 handed sessions, the prayer and anointing rituals, shamanic breathwork, and then partner trades. We'll learn the Huna Philosophy, the application of Ha, Pule and Mana, as well as Ho'ponopono.

We'll also examine mechanisms that help explain why the work is effective. We'll look at how...

  • the brain structures involved operate to process experience into memory.
  • traumatic memories get 'stuck' in an unprocessed state, remaining active.
  • feelings are generated in response to experience.
  • the endocrine system responds to shamanic healing.
  • our body heals and regenerates.
  • our ability to heal becomes activated or deactivated.
  • the psyche responds by revealing unconscious material.
  • vulnerability, in safety, diffuses shame and increases self worth.
  • expanding our consciousness increases our ability to direct our lives.
  • old and maladaptive habits, patterns and responses are discarded.
  • There are many ways that healers among first peoples achieved these altered states: drumming, dance, physical ordeals of endurance, fasting, plant medicines like ayahuasca, peyote, kava root and psilocybin, as well as others. Shamanic bodywork like Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui is among the safest and most enjoyable. It also has the advantage producing of prodigious amounts of oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine, endorphins and quite possibly, dimethyltryptamine.

    Such rites are frequently described as rebirth rituals, allowing individuals to return to states of vulnerability, innocence and empowerment they had not experienced since infancy, sometimes evoking memories of prenatal states, or life in the womb. Returning to states or stages prior to the emergence of ego also evokes for many a sense of visceral connection with the divine, of oneness, not as we think and talk about it, but as a state of being.

    As we immerse ourselves in the practice, we will also examine the concept of the "wounded healer" - Or the idea that those called to the healing of others are almost universally motivated, energized and empowered by pivotal personal crises, illness or injury. Contemporary neuroscience and what we are learning about the impact of trauma on brain development and "post traumatic growth" is beginning to provide insight into the physiology behind this "wounded healer" archetype, previously a mostly anecdotal idea in both mythology and psychology. We have discovered, for example, that many who survive severe traumatic events and reach resolution, experience significant growth of the amygdala, making them much more sensitive, empathetic and connected to others, sometimes exhibiting 'paranormal' abilities as a result. This connection has been found to trigger a reciprocal boost in oxytocin, deepening the connection and triggering additional release. Research now indicates that oxytocin is responsible for shutting down runaway stress responses, the "amygdala hijack" that takes place in response to danger, or equally, in recalling or triggering previous situations of danger or threat. In so doing, it restores the body's ability to heal, the mind's ability to think and choose, restoring balance and proportion to our emotional state as well.

    Cost $350


    Presenter Bio:

    Michael Brechtel, MEd, JD, LMT is an engaging transformational educator, author and empath. Michael has been teaching about trauma, self-care, ethics and intimacy for the past decade. 'The person I am meant to change is myself. What I am meant to change is reflected in those I meet. I am finished when I see God in everyone.' A massage therapist since 1999, former Director of Education at Educating Hands School of Massage in Miami and Professional Massage CE Provider since 2004, Michael holds a BS in Secondary Education and an MEd in Vocational Education, as well as a Juris Doctor. He has taught public school, community college, massage therapy, and continuing education for massage therapists and licensed mental health professionals.

    If you prefer to mail a check, or if you would rather I take your credit card information over the phone, simply e-mail me with your name, phone number, massage license number, the date you wish to attend and how you prefer to pay. I will get back to you promptly to confirm your registration!

    What Students Are Saying About Intimacy: A Return to Innocence, Lomi Lomi Nui:

    Excellent course and instructor. Michael is very professional and clear regarding boundaries and ethical concerns, which is very important with this style of massage. The facility is fabulous, private, quiet, with everything available that could be required by course participants. I gained deeper clarity about my own massage therapy work even after 20 years as a practitioner. Michael has the ability to integrate and articulate theory from broad sources weave it together with the practical aspects of instruction. I highly recommend this instructor’s work.
    - LMT and experienced massage instructor

    An amazing gathering of people and an amazing teacher. The experience enabled me to grow mentally and allowed me to physically let go of all shame and energies that served no good to myself or others attending. There was also a spiritual growth and a deeper connection to other inhabitants of earth from my end was gained. There will definitely be a following gained by those opened to Michael’s beautiful energy.
    -Andre, Student and LMT

    I loved the energy and the flow. I’m sure there are many(value from the course), but the most value I’m taking is creating the space for the client to be comfortable as well as myself.
    -Student Evaluation Comment

    Michael, the spirit of LomiLomi lives within your whole being. It’s felt, witnessed and heard. It’s an honor to have you as a teacher. The location is very nice and comfortable, all the equipment is perfect. The slide show on the TV was organized and informative. This was an excellent experience for my whole being. I feel like a new person after this whole experience. Lots of limitations shed and a whole new way of being filled in.
    -Student Evaluation Comment

    What Students Are Saying About Our Classes:

    "Thank you so very much. I am transformed, by which I mean I simply feel I have been restored to myself. The darkness has lifted. The workshop was powerful, whole and expressed so well what I know to be the truth but had not yet fully articulated. You do a remarkable job of weaving all the pieces together and of holding us all with love and gentleness. I can't wait to work with you again!"
    -Jennifer, LMT

    "The workshop was amazing and transformational, exceeding my expectations ~ which were fairly high to begin with. It was without a doubt the best, most well organized and professionally presented 18 hours of training I've attended in the decade I've been practicing. (And I've attended some great workshops over the years.) Three days for the physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually challenging and enlightening work were really not enough time (my only caveat). This work ~ and the quality that you, as facilitator, bring to it (including the remarkably well thought out and written 111-page accompanying text) ~ could easily have gone on for another day or two. Our hands-on time will elevate my practice! I've returned home eager to add our flowing dance strokes and stretching work to my own intuitive fusion work. The weekend became a lovely. intimate, sacred, and nurturing time-away-from-time, as our small group of six sweet, courageous souls traded and learned, and traded and learned some more. I am awed by the vulnerability and courage of our little band of healers."
    -Peter, LMT

    "I don't think I've ever spent three consecutive days in such absence of judgement -- in a bottomless reservoir of honesty, support and loving feelings. Wow. It will take me a while, or forever, to metabolize it all. What really worked for me was the balance between the hands-on work and the book work. The written part was so well-done, well-developed and thought-out, and supported by evidence-based research in an amazing variety of ways. I appreciate that even as I accept that some things are magically beyond measure and explanation. But I think all those elements come together in your course to create the strongest and most helpful experience. You're a born teacher."
    -Patty, LMT

    "In all the years I've been practicing and taking trainings and workshops(and I've taken many) This was the best, most transformative, enlightening experience of them all. My only serious suggestion would be to extend it by another day or two- or even three. A Retreat! Michael you are such a powerful, intuitive, compassionate healer. Thank you for creating and holding this sacred space."
    -Student Course Evaluation Comment

    "Thank you. I love you. Class was more than I could have expected. Thoughts in my head for years- asking questions- were finally answered. Even though when enrolling in this class was not even a thought. Thanks for a lot of answers and the way to go."
    -Student Course Evaluation Comment

    "What I got out of it was much more profound. Unexplainable in mere words. Needs to be experienced!"
    - Grazia, LMT

    "Priceless experience regarding fears of intimacy, rejection, and other negative energy we all have or will be exposed to on our journey."
    -Student Class Evaluation Comment

    "This was a workshop about so many aspects of our humanity....It was a multidimensional approach to our profession. I have gained clarity and courage. Sometimes others come to our lives as catalysts, and as messengers or reminders for what still remains blurry to us. I am very grateful for that to you specially and also to (each of my classmates).

    I see myself as the loving silent skillful juggler. Thank you for reminding me of that."
    -Pelican, LMT

    "Class was excellent, appropriate and I recommend it to any therapist who wants to take their role as a healer to a deeper level. Finally a necessary journey as we shift into heightened awareness collectively as spiritual beings."
    -Student Class Evaluation Comment

    "Thank you! This course is already a milestone in my life, as a human being and as a massage therapist."
    -Student Class Evaluation Comment

    About the Work:

    "It was deep intimacy, without boundary violation."
    -An LMT and Barbara Brennan School of Healing Graduate, on receiving Aquatic Massage

    "My first session with Michael was a life changing experience for me. Seconds after his hands touched my skin, tears began flowing from my eyes. I was hugely surprised. It wasn’t sadness, or pain, or despair. It was a new feeling of discovery, discovery of myself. It was a sensation of not only the physical pleasure of getting a healing massage, but of tremendous expansion. His touch was opening me. I was connecting with deep parts of myself. And I felt 100% safe in my vulnerability. I felt protected, nourished, nurtured, loved, and deeply cared for. In his gentle way he set me free. I left the session feeling empowered, whole and very satisfied."
    -Marisol, LMT, Soul Coach, Healer

    "My experience overall is one of feeling cherished and honored. I feel doted on almost, especially when my head is cradled in the crook of your elbow. I feel very safe and spoiled... pampered. It does require for me a breakthrough in trust. I surrender my self-protection and to receiving at the same time. I experience a greater sense of safety in the context of sacred space that's created with the meditation/blessing and anointing. I float in bliss and indulgence, safe and secure, cherished and cradled. I think the only thing better is probably breastfeeding as a child!"
    -A client on receiving Temple Lomi Lomi Massage

    "I think I did a form of trauma work on your table. The trauma was not receiving enough love and acceptance from my parents as a child or young girl. Or I could say the trauma was all the punishments I received and the unconscious hurtful things said that made me feel ugly ashamed and inadequate, not worthy.

    What I felt in the experience with you was a powerful unconditional love that just kept standing there holding me. After some time, a kind of dream came over me as if my father were telling me how beautiful I am and dancing with me telling me I am the daughter he always wanted. That he wouldn't change a thing about me, I'm just beautiful inside and out. He's so proud of me, I'm a gem. He was holding me and adoring me. And on and on it went until I just burst out in tears and had this big release. (I never got this said to me or conveyed in any way as a child). I really felt such love pouring into me that my heart cracked open. Then as if you knew what I was dreaming, you whispered those words I needed to hear, out loud and it just internally scripted in the dream and manifest through you. I am worthy of love, I am beautiful."

    -Shaman and Yogini describing her experience in Lomi Lomi session

    "I think your work is profound and courageous. I usually feel refreshed and lighter after a session, definitely more connected or aware of my divine energy. I find that massage is already very intimate and one feels very vulnerable. Probably the most important component I feel is necessary for true healing and or the opportunity for healing is trust. You must trust that the person working on you has the purest holistic intent and respects your boundaries and allows for you to open like a flower in your own time and pace."
    -An LMT commenting on her massage